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Bicycle Power is the distributor of PowerTap, CycleOps, Saris and BarFly products to Southern Africa.



Featured Products

Featured Products
420 Pro Indoor Cycle and HR
R 35,000.00
Sale Price: R 28,495.00
You save: R 6,505.00 (18.59%)
Jet Fluid Pro
R 4,495.00
Joule GPS
R 2,995.00
Joule GPS with PowerCal
R 3,695.00
PowerCal and Dual Speed and Cadence Sensor, Bluetooth
R 1,895.00
PowerCal ANT+
R 1,295.00
PowerCal Bluetooth
R 1,395.00
PowerCal with Dual Speed and Cadence Sensor ANT+
R 1,595.00
PowerTap ENVE S.E.S. 3.4 G3 Carbon Wheelset
R 39,995.00
PowerTap ENVE S.E.S. 6.7 G3 Carbon Wheelset
R 39,995.00
PowerTap G3
R 10,595.00
PowerTap G3 46mm Carbon Wheelset
R 23,995.00
Sale Price: R 20,995.00
You save: R 3,000.00 (12.5%)
PowerTap G3 Alloy Wheelset
R 13,495.00
PowerTap MTB XX1 Free Body
R 2,250.00
PowerTap Pro MTB Disc
R 10,595.00
Super Magneto Pro
R 4,595.00

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