Virtual Online Racing Cup

CycleOps South Africa, proudly distributed by Bicycle Power Trading cc, one of SA's leading importers of cycle-based performance measurement and training systems, today announced that they will be sponsoring a world first, an online racing cup, which will make use of CycleOps Virtual Training Application and see participants do battle on virtual courses ranging from the famous European slopes to the flat lands of

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Indoor Climbing Calculation

Here’s a rough rule of thumb …. 1. Note your Normalised power (NP) for the activity from the Power Agent download (if you don’t have NP then use average power ). 2. Note your energy consumption (E) in kJ 3. Calculate what your total mass (M) would be if you were riding (i.e. you+bike+kit+Camelbak etc) Climbing meters then = (F x E x 1000)/(9,81

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