How to Update the Assioma Firmware

You can easily update the firmware of your Assioma power meter with your smartphone or tablet using the Favero Assioma app, which is available for free for Android and Apple devices. Once you have connected your Assioma via Bluetooh to the app, just enter the "Firmware" tab to check if there are new firmware versions available and then proceed with the installation. If you have

2019-10-14T09:44:55+02:00Jul 22nd, 2019|Latest News|

IAV Cycling Dynamics

Favero Electronics is glad to introduce the IAV Cycling Dynamics for Assioma DUO and Assioma UNO. These metrics have been developed in compliance to the ANT+ standard protocol. Why “IAV” Cycling Dynamics? These metrics are the standardized and "open" version of the homonyms "Cycling Dynamics" by Garmin. The big difference is that Assioma’s calculation is based on the IAV Power system. Thanks to the exclusive

2019-07-24T11:07:10+02:00Jul 22nd, 2019|Latest News|

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