How to Fit Your Trainer on the MP1 Nfinity

The MP1 Nfinity is compatible with nearly any bike trainer. We built it that way because we believe that anyone with a compatible bike trainer should be able to tap into the benefits of Saris Nfinity Technology – which is pretty much everyone. That’s why we made this fit guide, to ensure that your bike trainer of choice is aligned properly on the MP1 Nfinity

2019-11-11T07:58:30+02:00Nov 11th, 2019|Latest News|

Saris Indoor Training Eco-System

  H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer   The H3 is five times quieter than previous generations, making it the quietest smart trainer to ever leave our doors. Following the Saris direct drive smart trainer legacy, the H3 features the same reliability and durability as its predecessors. Each H3 is made from cast and machined aluminum sourced from America’s heartland. Encased inside are components meticulously calibrated

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