Here is some of the feedback that we’ve received from PowerTap customers:


There are a few things I want to achieve in my career as a cyclist; to win a National title, and to race at the ProTour level, but most importantly is to push myself and see how far my body and mind can naturally go. Though the all the years of training, I’ve continually seen the physical and mental progression of my body and it has been one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had. I’ve been on PowerTap wheels from the beginning, and one of the really cool things for me is looking back and being able to see my progression and improvement through definitive and reliable numbers. Cycling is an incredibly hard sport and demands so much of ones life, and although its taken me years and years to get to the level I am at now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

–Travis McCabe, Team SmartStop


Powertap offers a very reliable equipment producing consistent metrics for me to use in training day to day. As a long term powertap trained athlete, I appreciate that I can look back at previous workouts and plan with numbers that are comparable, consistent and accurate and ultimately make the right decisions in regard to my training.

-Melanie McQuaid, pro triathlete


PowerTap has completely changed and enhanced how I train as well as the overall quality of each session. Whether it is doing a hard interval session, or out for a recovery ride, or an endurance day, being able to monitor my power and either push myself to new limits, or keep myself in check (on easy days) is a big part of why I have evolved as an athlete. By seeing the numbers in front of me on a daily basis, the PowerTap is also an incredible useful tool in judging how recovered I am and where I am in my training. If my cadence is low one day or my power is off, I can use the numbers as a way to check in and compare what I am seeing to how my body is feeling. I feel for any cyclist/triathlete, a PowerTap is one of the most important tools you can have.

-Sarah Piampiano, pro triathlete


I ride with a Powertap on 90% of my rides including hard workouts, easy spins, and races. A Powertap gives me objective feedback as to how much I’m improving, how well I’m pacing an interval or a race, and during easy rides, helps me ensure I’m actually going easy. It’s my number one training tool on the bike. The Joule GPS computer is an all in one cycling computer that displays all the data I want to see instantaneously, and tracks my GPS routes for uploads to Strava. Overall, it’s a great system that has been a staple of my training regimen for the last 5 years.

– Jesse Thomas, pro triathlete


As a professional athlete, one of the most valuable commodities is TIME. Time comes in a number of forms; hours training, days figuring out new technology, minutes on the bike, seconds in transition, etc…If there is a way to shave seconds, minutes, hours, or days off a particular task, it will allow space to use precious time for recovery, nutrition, hydration and the things that are most important – family and friends…LIFE.

The main reason I use PowerTap is to save me time which other systems cannot emulate. I am not a gear head; It has always been imperative to use something that is easy to setup and works and this is how the PowerTap system was for me four years ago; no hassle and minimal lost time. This is also true on the race course. The hub and joule are extremely light in a sport where every ounce matters. Power is needed to concentrate on the long bike rides. If it is necessary, then the lightest system is needed. The bottom line, PowerTap still continues to save time in life and this is why it is so important, personally, to training and racing.

-Meredith Kessler, pro triathlete

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Power Tap and Enve Wheels ROCK.

I wanted to let Saris and Enve Wheels know just how awesome their products are. I have raced with Saris Power Tap all season and had my best times in my races in 5 years. I have used Zipp wheels in the past and the ENVE with power are the BEST wheels and power out there. The power data is so accurate and real time information. I am now able to dial in my race numbers and know that I will still be able to run off the bike in an ironman. I had great race results this season, winning USAT Long Course Nationals in my AG. Then coming back last week and racing Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii placing 4th in my AG. It was so effortless to ride with my power data and the wheels and see how I was doing.

Thank you Saris for giving me the opportunity to race this set and be part of helping other athletes using this same set up. I am so exited to be using this set up again in 2015 and working with the BEST products out there!

Laura Sophiea

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