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Saris Euro Freedom 2-Bike


Kids bikes. Step-thru frames. Tri-bikes. Small recumbents. Basically, if you’ve got it, chances are the Freedom platform hitch bike rack can move it.

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Whether you have a kid’s bike, a women’s frame, a cruiser, a tri-bike or a mountain bike, the Freedom is the rack for you! Made in the USA, the Freedom comes with a lifetime warranty, is easy to use, fits most bikes, and is easy on the pocket. Each mount for the bikes can hold a maximum of 35 pounds each, which is easily strong enough. The ratchet strap holds any size bike secure and protective hold-downs are gentle enough for carbon framed bikes. There is no need for a bike lock with this bike rack. Overall this a great car rack to own, explore nature and what it has to offer and find some of the best spots to ride.

The Saris fit guide is a great way to see what car rack suits your car.

Product Features

  • Rack adjusts to fit all bike frame sizes, up to 60 lbs. each
  • Ratcheting straps keep any size bike secure
  • Universal hitch fits 1 ¼” and 2″ hitches
  • Add wheel holders to your Freedom rack to fit Fat Tire bikes
  • This rack fits a wheelbase up to 48″ right out of the box. If your bike has a longer wheel base, you will need our long wheelbase bar.

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