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  • Freehub body kit for PowerTap power meters.
  • Available in 15mm Alloy.
  • Includes adapter to allow use of current 10, 9 and 8 speed Shimano cassettes.
  • Use the PowerTap 11 speed alloy freehub body to replace current ten speed version allowing the wheel to be Shimano

11 speed compatible. No re-dishing of the wheel is required.

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  • The Shimano Freehub Body Kit is not compatible with PowerTap GS hubs.
  • 15mm 11 speed freehub body is compatible with:
    • 2009 or later models of Elite+ and Pro+ hubs
    • 2009 or later models of SL+ or SLC hubs+
    • SL+ Mountain Bike Disc hub
    • 2012 models of G3 and Pro hubs
      • Includes an adapter to allow use of current 10, 9, and 8 speed Shimano cassettes

Note: 15mm axles can be identified by the axle end cap configuration. Hubs equipped with 15mm axles will allow the user to simply pull off the freehub body for easy maintenance or to swap between Shimano 10 speed and Shimano 11 speed freehubs.

Important: Older model 12mm axles that require a 5mm allen key and a 17mm cone wrench to unscrew the axle end cap for service are not compatible with the 11 Speed Shimano freehub.

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