//Travis Johnston reviews the CycleOps PowerSync Trainer

Travis Johnston reviews the CycleOps PowerSync Trainer

CycleOps PowerSync Trainer – by Travis Johnston

Very rarely does one get to experience Christmas twice in a year but I was lucky enough to join the CycleOps team last month and have access to some incredible facilities and equipment. I must let you know that getting into the team is no mean feat. I arrived at CycleOps to meet the guys where I was initiated with the dreaded 20 min FTP test which would determine if I had the numbers worthy of joining and I must say it was the most intense interview I have had. There are not many interviews where you go in nervous and a bit shaky and then walk out completely shattered, tired and sweating from every pore on your body. That being said I am extremely happy and proud to use the Power Tap products and look forward to many brutal and well calculated rides in the future.

Now to get into a little detail regarding indoor training. I am privileged enough to have the incredible Powerync Trainer to guide me through all my sessions. For me indoor training is one of the biggest advantages to being a better triathlete\cyclist. I took up indoor training in 2012 when I came back from a Summer in Boulder where I was first introduced to how much training with power can improve my cycling ability and how various indoor sessions in particular can be added in a week to improve my power and cycling. There are a quite a few advantages to training on a trainer like the PowerSync :

Efficiency and Technique – The indoor trainer keeps you honest. There is no option to free wheel and take a break and teaches the legs to maintain a consistent cadence. With this cadence you will improve your technique on the peddles so that you are increasing power output with the same amount of effort put in before. You want your foot moving around with the highest power possible at the least amount of effort used, with no dead spots on the peddle rotation, doing this will drastically improve your overall road riding.

Comparability of workouts – having access like a diary to all previous sessions is invaluable. To be able to compare past performances at certain times of the year enables you to see your progress and how to adjust certain training to improve. Mileage, power and HR are all recorded giving you the ideal structure to plan future workouts.

Safety – for me cycling in the dark in Jhb or anywhere else for that matter is not something I take likely and not a fan of. Safety is highly important to me and to be able to put my bike on the trainer and do exactly the sessions that need to be done no matter what the weather, time of day or traffic is like outside.

Quality and no excuses – I never have an excuse not to ride as my trainer is always ready and the sessions I can get in are quality. If there are intervals to be done they get done and long rides are just as doable on a trainer as they are on the road.

I have roughly done over 15,000km on indoor trainers and now being on the PowerSync Trainer I cannot believe on what I have been missing out on all those hours. The PowerSync is ultimately my best friend now although it breaks me from time to time.

The trainer has many options to take up such as joining group races where you race against other cyclists over a period of time. This gets the body firing and in race mode, as the course is set out and everyone can be seen on the track as you compete to complete the distance in the fastest time.

You have the ability to choose other training sessions , you can filter through a list of hundreds of sessions and choose one that best suits your training session needed on the day.

Having access to every race in the world has got to be my favourite. You can choose any cycle race, mountain, triathlon or area you wish to cycle and you can do it. You have a view of the actual landscape you are cycling and also previous times for the route if you wish to challenge yourself on a PB.

Creating any workout that is needed can also be done. If a coach sends through the intervals and session for the day this can be created on the trainer and then you simply save it , hop on the bike and the session will begin. This is also stored and can be revisited or compared at any time in the future.

I hope this gives you a little more insight into life on the indoor trainer and also the amazing specs of the PowerSync trainer. Winter is fast approaching so don’t limit yourself to the cold and darkness when you can achieve even more quality on this trainer.

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