power2max | What's the difference between NG and NGeco Model?

power2max | What's the difference between NG and NGeco Model?

 The NG powermeter is power2max's flagship product, and was the first power meter of the “Next Generation”, including featuring factors such as;

  • precision
  • reliability
  • dual-sided measurement
  • outstanding quality
  • easy handling

All those factors are part of power2max's power meter philosophy.

Another goal was to be able to offer a dual-sided power meter for under 500€. The development of the NGeco allowed us to fulfil this idea. With reduced but upgradable functionality we are happy to offer a professional cycling power meter for hobby and amateur cyclists.

The differences between the NG and NGeco power meters can be found below:

NG Power Meter NGeco Power Meter
Data Transmission ANT+ / Bluetooth ANT+ / Bluetooth
Precision +/- 1% +/- 2%
Power of both legs Yes Yes
Temperature Compensation TC+ TC
Power Supply Rechargeable battery via USB CR2450 Battery
Battery Life Up to 150h Up to 300h
Power Yes  Yes 
Cadence Yes Yes
L/R Balance Yes *Upgradeable
Pedal Smoothness Yes *Upgradeable 
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 
Price From R15 999- From R9 999- 


*Upgrade Price: 50,00 € once off cost per metric.