MP1 Nfinity Bike Trainer Fit Guide

MP1 Nfinity Bike Trainer Fit Guide

How to Fit Your Trainer on the MP1 Nfinity

The MP1 Nfinity is compatible with nearly any bike trainer. We built it that way because we believe that anyone with a compatible bike trainer should be able to tap into the benefits of Saris Nfinity Technology – which is pretty much everyone. That’s why we made this fit guide, to ensure that your bike trainer of choice is aligned properly on the MP1 Nfinity trainer platform for the best possible ride.

The MP1 Nfinity platform is not recommended for use with indoor training products featuring additional movement, including rollers, bike trainers (i.e., Rock-N-Roll), smart bikes (i.e., Tacx Bike; Wahoo Bike) and accessories (i.e., Kickr Climb). For safety reasons, the MP1 requires a secure attachment on the front and back end of the bike.

Step 1: Using the Fit Guide 

All bike trainers are secured to the MP1 Nfinity platform with at least two included retention straps. Each trainer we’ve fit tested comes with two pieces of information to guide retention strap installation: channel and distance from mount.

The MP1 Nfinity has five channels: left outer, left inner, right inner, right outer and rear.

Each of these five channels has a strap mount location, designated with a keyhole for where the retention strap pin enters the channel. In the fit guide, this location is referred to as “distance from mount.”

To measure “distance from mount”, begin the measurement from the center of the listed channel’s keyhole. Then measure in centimeters to the distance listed for your bike trainer. Loosely install the retention strap at this location. Do not fully secure strap until after the trainer has been aligned.

To gauge optimal bike trainer position, align the bike along the center line of the platform. We’re using the bike as a guide because many bike trainers are asymmetric and will not sit directly in the middle of the MP1 Nfinity.

Please note, all fits listed were completed with a 700c road bike. Measurements may vary depending on your bike of choice.

Step 2: Find Your Bike Trainers Fit Info

Saris Trainers 

Wahoo Trainers 

Tacx Trainers 

Elite Trainers 

All Wheel-On Trainers  

Step 3: Installing Your Bike Trainer

Step 1: Find your trainer’s specific strap measurements under “Select Your Trainer”.

Step 2: Complete “Distance from Mount” measurements. Drop the strap pin into the listed channel’s keyhole and slide along channel until desired distance is reached. Loosely secure the retention strap.

Step 3: Place your bike trainer on the MP1 Nfinity so that the trainer legs correspond to the strap placement.

*Be sure that the trainer feet are level and firm on the platform.

Step 4: Mount your bike to the trainer and loosely secure the front wheel to wheel block. Use included wheel block spacer, if needed.

*Be sure that the bike sits in a straight line along the center of the platform.

Step 5: Now that the bike and trainer are in their optimal positions, secure everything into place: tighten bike trainer straps to platform, wrap straps around the trainer, tighten wheel block with knobs, and secure wheel block straps.

*Make sure all straps are tight and secure before you start each ride.